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Top Choice Award JolimontIf you’re looking for cleaner air, Fujitsu has the answer. They have a number of different types of cleaners and purifiers to give you the right solution for the exact issue in your home, whether it’s pollen, dust or tobacco smoke.

Fujitsu was the first air conditioning manufacturer, and is still one of the best. To be sure you’re getting the perfect solution, talk to one of the friendly experts at AC Perth.

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Our Fujitsu Products

These models are our most popular Fujitsu air cleaners.

Fujitsu Infinity Air Purifier GAPAA

Fujitsu Infinity Air PurifierThe Infinity GAPAA air purifier doesn’t just trap mold spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses, it kills them too. If you have allergies or asthma, this is the Fujitsu air purifier for you.

  • Cleans the air supply for your entire home up to 8 times an hour.
  • Rated MERV 15: traps 95% of organisms down to 0.30 microns. Fight back against influenza, the common cold virus, measles and SARS.
  • Once trapped, they are exposed to an electrical charge that will kill 99% of pathogens.
  • The filter cartridge is made to last and is easy to replace.
  • Won’t interfere with the airflow to your air handler and causes no significant air pressure drop.
  • Fits most heater and ductwork and heater situations.
  • Automatic filter change alert with the Infinity control.
  • 5-year warranty.

Performance EZ Flex Air Filter with Cabinet

Fujitsu Performance EZ Flex Air FilterIf you want cleaner air but aren’t an airborne allergy sufferer, the EZ Flex will give you the dust-free air you’re looking for.

  • MERV 10 efficiency traps particles as small as 1 micron. (MERV 13 replacement filters available).
  • Protects heating and cooling equipment.
  • Enhanced air flow.
  • Easy filter replacement.
  • 10 year limited warranty.

Germicidal UV Lamps

Fujitsu UV LampUV Lamps from Fujitsu use the power of ultraviolet light to kill mold and bacteria that can grow in the moist environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils.

  • Enhanced indoor air quality.
  • Silent operation.
  • No airflow interference.
  • Minimizes microbial buildup on coils.
  • Improves system efficiency.
  • 5 year limited warranty, 90-day limited warranty for lamps.

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Achieving successful results it’s important to talk to an air quality expert who knows how to match the right products to the exact conditions of your home. AC Perth aren’t just experts, we’re friendly too, and it’s free to ask.

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