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Live in a home that does not have ductwork? You can still enjoy a cool home all summer without resorting to an ugly window unit. A AC Perth ductless air conditioning system may be the perfect solution for you!

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Advantages of Ductless Air Conditoners

A ductless system has two units: an evaporator (or air handler) that stays indoors on your wall or ceiling, and an outdoor unit (the condenser) that stays outside. Because they have two parts but are smaller than central air conditioning systems, they’re sometimes called “mini-split” systems.

Ductless air conditioners are the perfect Goldilocks solution: you get all the advantages of a central system and fewer annoyances than a window unit.

A ductless system may be right if you:

  • Live in a home with no ductwork.
  • Are looking for multiple zone control because some of your rooms get hotter than others, or your family has different cooling preferences.
  • Want a system that is energy efficient (some are more efficient than central systems if zoning is used).
  • Want a system that blends into your home’s decor. The indoor until come in a variety of looks and can be installed on a wall or on the ceiling.
  • Want minimal installation construction.

Why ductless systems are better than window units:

  • Much quieter than a window unit, because the condenser is entirely outside.
  • Less obtrusive than a window or a free standing portable unit. Some portable units block your window all summer long. Freestanding units take up floor space, which is a real pain if you live in a small space.
  • More secure than window air conditioners.

Why ductless systems are better than central air systems:

  • Cheaper than a central air conditioning system.
  • Easier installation than central systems – no ductwork to install, which means no expense or messy construction work.
  • Eliminates losses common in air ducts.


booklet-ac-faqsHave more questions?

Read our ductless air conditioners FAQ >

AC Perth has more than 40 years of experience recommending the right systems for people’s needs and their home sizes. If you need help staying cool this summer, get in touch with AC Perth to find out what’s best for you.

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