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AC Perth Installs New Samsung and Fujitsu Air Conditioners

Top Choice Award 2016 for Jolimont Air Conditioning and Heating You’ve invested a lot of money in your home – don’t let the summer heat prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. A new air conditioning system will help you relax, play and especially sleep better all summer long. A new air conditioner will even lower your home’s humidity level and keep allergens outside your home, where they belong.

AC Perth believes in providing only the most reliable AC systems to our customers- that’s why we’re proud to be factory trained and authorized Samsung dealers. For over 40 years, we’ve been installing systems that keep our customers refreshed and happy all summer long.

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Why You Can Rely on AC Perth

We are Samsung Premier Dealers and are evaluated by this world class manufacturer on an ongoing basis to ensure we meet their standards. We are also Fujitsu Dealers.

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Our customers choose our award-winning services because:

  1. We’re committed to providing competitive prices – with no surprise extra fees. You’ll get the full cost up front.
  2. We stick to our appointments. You won’t be waiting around forever for a technician that never shows up – we’ll be at your home on time and with everything we need to get the job done right.
  3. Our technicians aren’t just installation experts – they know they’re guests in your home and will treat you with friendly, professional, courtesy. Our technicians are licensed with the National Technician Excellence Program, which ensures a top level of certification.
  4. We’ve got 40 years of experience that goes in to every installation. With longevity like this, you can be sure we’ll be around in case there is every a problem.
  5. Our guarantee backs up every installation.

We have great customer reviews that prove we mean it when we say we’re committed to making sure every customer is a satisfied customer!

If you live in WA we can provide your new air conditioning system for you. To be sure of our exact range, please check our service area map.

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How To Buy The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

There are many factors that will make sure your new air conditioning system is the right one for you.

1. A System That’s The Right Size

While it might sound like a good idea to get the biggest system on the market, buying a system that’s too big is almost as bad as a system that’s too small. An AC that’s too small doesn’t have enough power to cool your home effectively, as you’d probably guess. But one that’s too big will waste energy because it will always be on, using energy, but not really cooling effectively. It will also wear out more quickly because it is constantly turning on and off. Just as importantly, the dehumidification won’t work properly, leaving your home at risk of developing mould and mildew problems. Be sure to tell your AC Perth representative the square footage of your home to insure the right size of air conditioner is chosen for your home.

2. A System With the Right Energy Efficiency

Air conditioners use a lot of energy, so minimizing the expense is important.

You can tell how energy efficient an air conditioner is by the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) value. SEER ratings go up to 24.5 for the most efficient systems, but ideally you should not get a system with less than 13.

AC Perth also recommends that you choose an air conditioner that’s Energy Star rated to keep monthly energy costs down, and to be kinder to our environment. The Energy Star systems available today use up to 30-40% less energy than models sold 15 years ago.

3. Do You Need Multiple Cooling Zones?

Depending on how well your home is insulated, how many windows you have and how many face south or west, you may end up with areas in your home that are harder to keep cool than others. You may also have family members with different cooling preferences. If either of these situations applies to you, you may want to purchase a system with multiple cooling zones with separate thermostats.

4. Do You Have an Older Home Without Existing Ductwork?

You can still have an air conditioning that keeps you cool without resorting to a window unit. Read about our ductless air conditioning systems that will work for your cooling needs and your décor – without the need for costly ductwork installation that will damage your home.

5. Noise Sensitivity

Central air conditioning systems come in two parts – a condensing unit that stays outside your home and the evaporator (or air handler) that stays indoors. Because the condensing unit is the noisy part of the system, most people are happy with noise levels on most central air systems. In some home, however, the ductwork may be loose and contribute to excess noise. If especially quiet operation is a priority for you, ensure that AC Perth knows this in advance so we can help you get the quietest system possible.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedSatisfaction Guaranteed

Call AC Perth and ask one our qualified and experienced technicians for a thorough analysis so that you get exactly what you need. You can reach us at 0434 734 700 (or (08) 9755 0003 if you are south of Bunbury).

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